PhotoTNBP was born from taking photos on my walks in The Highams Park in London, which sits next to a lake and part of Epping Forest.

TNBP was born from a love of nature, beauty, simplicity and stillness.

On these walks I’ve been privileged to discover many breathtaking and surprising moments.

At times the forest is a temple, the canopy and light creating a hallowed atmosphere.

At other times the lake is as busy as a bus station with ducks, coots, swans and seagulls jostling for space.

I’ve discovered the secret life and activities of the wildlife that make their home there.

And the wonderful community of dog walkers that enjoy the park too – can’t forget them!

I have taken nothing but photos and have left nothing but prints;  join me in celebrating the hidden life of The Highams Park.

I’m so lucky to be able to watch the wildlife and the forest grow and change season after season and am so excited to be able to share these moments.

I pray they bring you stillness, joy and peace.

Fola Ekundayo








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